Monday, May 8, 2017

Before - Building Supermoto wheels

The TT600 has a 17mm front & 20mm rear axle. So I decided to try and track down some TT hubs and as luck would have it a guy who happens to only live only five-minutes from my house put them up on ebay !!! Plus the rear is cush drive and for some reason the TT600 I bought has a non-cush drive rear wheel....
Paid $200 for the pair with knacked rims, but thats great because I'm going to have 17s laced to them.
Cost from Spoked Wheels services here in Perth is around $1400 with black rims.
Will replace the bearings and paint the hubs.....

After removing the bearings and degreasing they are now ready for paint. Not sure what colour?

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