Friday, October 21, 2016

A summary of what I have done

Its quite a list of things I have done in order of complexity:

- modify CB650/750 lower triple clamp by welding on XL250S steering stem
- modify rear brake plate of KZ650 to suit XL500S front forks
- modify XR600 front axle to allow KZ650 wheel to bolt to XL500S forks
- modify Suz RM250Z front brake cable to suit new front brake set-up
- modify XL185S wiring harness to suit new 12 volt guages & XL500S
- fit new 12 volt LCD gauges & speedo sender unit to KZ650 rear wheel
- fit 6 volt to 12 volt converter for gauges
- modify rear wheel spacers to allow fitment of KZ 650 rear wheel
- modify rear brake cable mounting pint to suit KZ650 wheel
- modify ZX12 chain guard to fit XL500S
- modify underside of XL250S tank to fit XL500S
- modify CB250 headlight & headlight housing to allow fitting of gauges etc
- modify and fit steel & chrome mudguards/fenders
- fit bumble-bee rear tail light to modified bracket
- elapsed time for project around 7 years and its not done yet!

More wiring tidy up

Fixing and tidying up the wiring....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Almost Done

H O N D A      X L 5 0 0 S    M O T A R D

Rear Brake sorted FINALLY

After a lot a rooting around with the previous brake-rod arrangement, I reverted back to the original cable arrangement. Just made up a new bracket to make the cable work at the drum end. And modified the brake light spring so its works! PHEW!

All thats left now is the indicator-indicator lights in the gauge cluster, which looks like an auto electrician job.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rear Brake Shenanigans

Long story-short. The original cable operated rear brake does not work with the Kawasaki wheel, the cable position is wrong.So I went to the wreckers and bought a brake rod, bolted it through the foot lever and used a shorter drum lever and it seems to work ok. One downside is now the kickstart lever interferes with it, so a little more cut n shut is needed!