Saturday, September 27, 2014

Front brake is last

I am very pleased to say the we have a fully functioning front brake! The RM250Z front brake cable that I bought originally just had to have it's outer cable shortened by about 100mm. This is possible to do, by carefully grinding down one side of the outer with a grinder till the inner cable is exposed and the carefully (read incredibly laboriously) remove the small sections of outer cable. This is because the inner cable is the right length, and I do not want to remove the crimped end! Anyway I am very happy with the results, the handlebar lever feels really nice and firm. The cable mounts to the same place as the XL500 and is routed through the lower triple clamp like the CB750. I fashioned a pin from an old 12mm axle to attach the end of the cable to the actuator - see pic below.

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