Thursday, March 6, 2014

More electrical parts arrive & rewire continues XL500S

This week a brand new flasher relay and ignition switch arrived, these are direct a replacement of the originals so no wiring mods are necessary. We have decided to use the aftermarket gauge cluster from the DR400 project for the XL500S, so I have started the rewire by changing one of the multipin connectors. The colour coding is 90% the same as the original, so that helps a lot. I think we are about 60% done with the rewire. Also worth noting is the XL500S has 6 volt electrics and the gauge is 12 volts, so will need to purchase a step-up converter to run the gauge cluster, this will work for up to 1 amp of power draw. According to the gauge specs power draw is no more than 200mA.

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