Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cheap Budget Track Day Bike

Just the other night I was thinking about what would be the cheapest way to get into a track bike that could be used on a road course or a kart track. It needs to be reasonably quick, have good suspension and brakes and not cost a squillion to maintain. Durability is also very important, so if I throw it down the road at speed it won't shatter into tiny pieces.Chinese bikes are out, eighties sport bikes while cheap to buy will need lots of cash throwing at them, and seventies bikes are definitely worn out?

Turns out the best bang for your buck at the moment is late 80s to early 90s two-stroke motocross bikes. These can be had for around $2000 in good condition. At around 45hp and 95kg they have good power-to-weight (1988 KX250 pictured above). I know the usual route is to fit motard wheels, but at $1500 for a good used set-up, its a bit pricey. So instead just fit some road tyres or dual sport tyres like the anakee 3s at a cost of around $450 fitted(see pic above). Probably will also need to fit some axle sliders (home made $50) and some handguards to protect the levers at around $50.

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